Frequently Asked Questions

Garbage Disposals

What makes these environmentally better than trash?
How do I select the right disposal?
Care & Maintenance
How do I know if my disposal is jammed?
How do I un-jam my disposal?
Do i need to register my disposal?
If I hardwire my disposal will it void the warranty?
What is the warranty on my disposal?
Where do I locate my model and/or serial number?
Where can I buy parts for disposal?
What is the warranty on my Waste King Commercial unit?
Can I clean my disposal to remove odor?
Can my splash guard be put into the dishwasher?
How do i hardwire my disposal?
Do all Waste King disposals come with a power cord?
What is the difference between an EZ Mount and Pro 3-Bolt Mount disposal?
Can I use my existing Waste King Mounting assembly with my new Waste King disposal?
Can I use my existing 3-Bolt Mount with a Moen disposal?
Can I hardwire my disposal?
Will my disposal work with an air switch?
Do I need a dishwasher hookup to install my disposal?
What size sink hole will these disposals install into?
How do I know if this unit will connect to my current pipes?
What tools do I need for a garbage disposal installation?
What voltage are the disposals?
What thickness sinks range will these install on?
Are disposals safe for use on septic systems?
What kind of items can i put down my disposal?
When do i use the reset button - what does it do?
What is the benefit of a Batch Feed disposal?
How does a batch feed disposal work?
What is an air switch?
Does my disposal have to be operated by a switch?
Can my residential disposal work with an international outlet if I use a convertor?

Quick & Hot Tank & Faucets

Care & Maintenance
What is the warranty on my Waste King branded Quick&Hot?
Can I use my existing inSinkErator faucet with a Waste King branded Quick & Hot?
Can I use my existing RO system with a Quick & Hot?
Can I lengthen the center tube that goes from the faucet to the Quick & Hot?